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About Families of Greenhow Hill, Yorks

If you want access... I get so many people who want access and simply say like "my great grandfather was a Pounder of Greenhow Hill", I give them access and that's the last I hear from them; they take everything and refuse to share. So if you're stingy in what you provide, you won't gain access - I don't expect a full family tree, but give me something that shows you're genuine. I would like to thank the minority who contact me back with advice & corrections and those who share what they have which has made this study what it is.
1914-1918 In memory of those Greenhow Men and Women who answered the call in service to their country
And of those who gave their lives
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PLEASE DO NOT... ... just copy what you find here and add it to your tree. The data on this site should be treated as a GUIDE ONLY - I do not have time to spend carefully checking the linkages between people due to the amount af data I am working through - the linkages shown "seem" right to me, but you should verify them yourself before adding them to your tree.
IDENTITY PROTECTION I do not give out email addresses of other people. If you have a question about a person or family in this tree, please send it to me and I will forward it to the person(s) who might be able to help. It will be up to them, if they wish, to make contact. Introduction The centre of this project is the village of Greenhow Hill, North Yorkshire, England, the highest village in Yorkshire, at about 1200 feet above sea level and exposed in all directions to the forces of nature: it can be warm and sunny in Pateley Bridge some 3 miles further eastward and nearly 800 feet lower while blowing a blizzard on The Hill with snow drifting. This project aims to record the families living there in the 19th century and before, and follow them as they move on from the failing mining industry, in search of work in the neighbourhood towns. Of even greater interest is the origins of the families and the reasons for travelling to the Hill to work the local Lead Mines. I am attempting to tie up the closing of mines in other areas, especially to the north, with the influx of miners. Stories This section can be found on the PEOPLE menu and contains various stories and articles relating to Greenhow Hill and its people. Family Origins Work was probably the major factor influencing their movements. The LONSDALE family came from Weardale and the STOBBS family from Allendale, both in Northumberland. BLACKAH is said to be from Scotland. BUSFIELD from Ravenstonedale & Brough, Westmorland. CALVERT & CROFT from Arkengarthdale, DUNN & PRATT from Wensleydale. The MARSHALL family are reputed to have come from Derbyshire (Source Harald Bruff & Harold Marshall), moving up to Grassington to work in the Duke of Devonshire's mines there, although I have not yet found the link. The WHITEHEADS too have been suggested that they came from Derbyshire (Source Harald Bruff), but this too has yet to be proved. Name Variations I decided to keep to a standard surname for each family to make linking easier without having to take into account variations in spelling, especially from the older sources, except where a family branch starts using a variation exclusively, eg Blackah. MACKWELL is used as the preferred name for Mackrill, Mackrell, Mackriel & Mackerell. I have seen suggestions that MacKwell and Maxwell may be variations also, although not in this area. NEWBOULD is used as the preferred name for Newbold, Newbound, Newbolt & Newboot. EIDSON is used as the preferred name for Ideson, Iedson, Edson. SKAIFE is used for Scaife. SAVAGE is used for Saviage SAVILLE is used for Savil and Savill KABERRY for Kaysberry. SWALES for Swale LONGTHORN for Longthorne & Langthorn. GRAINGE for Grange, although the former may just be a name variation for the Greenhow families, similar to Blackah. KIRKBRIGHT for Kirkbride, which seems to be an older form. STOREY and STONEY may well be connected, although these have formed into 2 distinct family lines. Similarly with BLACKER, BLACKAH, BLAKEY although sometimes the names are interchangeable. BLACKHAY is an older variant. BUSFIELD & BOUSFIELD are also left as written, although the latter is probably the older version. Parishes Greenhow village can be confusing, sitting on the watershed between the Nidd and Wharfe valleys it was actually in 3 parishes: The area to the east of Kell Dyke encompassing most of the village was in the Parish of Ripon, Bewerley township, the mother church being St Mary's (now in ruins) in Pateley Bridge and later St Cuthberts. To the west of Kell Dyke was the Parish of Burnsall, Appletreewick township, the mother church being St Wilfred in Burnsall. The houses in part of the villages included: Craven Cross House, Bar House, and the communities of Kell Houses, Lily Green, High Farside * Low Farside (cottages on the west of Kell Dyke only - the building nowadays know as Low Far Side is on the east side). Kell Dyke is today the boundary between Harrogate District Council and Craven District Council. Just to the south of the road at Kell Dyke Corner is part of the Parish of Hampsthwaite, township of Thornthwaite with Padside. This long thin part of this parish runs south-easterly passing Greenhow Hill Top, missing out Duck Street Cottage, but incorporating Redlish House. To complicate matters still further when St Mary's church was built at Greenhow about 1858 a new Parish of St Mary's Greenhow Hill was carved out of these three. Thus sometimes a Greenhow person was married at Hampsthwaite - this was because they lived within the parish boundary at Greenhow. A Greenhow person who lists their place of birth as "Appletreewick" in the census was probably not born in that village some 5 miles distant, but is merely listing the township of their birth. When listing place of birth, therefore Pateley Bridge, Bewerley & Greenhow Hill CAN be interchangeable for a person born on The Hill. It isn't until the later censuses that Greenhow Hill became listed as the place of birth. When this is found to be true I have used this, otherwise, Bewerley or Pateley Bridge might be shown - the means that some families might show children as having been born in 3 different places. I am frequently asked what YKS stands for, the answer is Yorkshire. It is part of the Chapman Coding for counties which tries to ensure a uniformity of abbreviations for counties. Thus Lancashire is LAN, Northumberland is NBL etc. Please see the links section for a link to a page which will give you all the codes. Help Needed If anyone can help by providing any information and/or photographs, making correction or suggestions as to where more data can be found then please get in touch. Thank You To all those people who have helped in some way to build this database, be it family trees, photographs, information, help in linking families together - I couldn't have done it without you. Please be aware That the information contained in this database has been obtained from various sources: 1. The whole of the 1851 census for Greenhow village as well as the census for the years 1861- 1901. 2. Baptism Records from Greenhow Wesleyan Chapel (no marriages) 3. Marriage & Burial Records from St Mary's Church, Greenhow Hill. 4. Baptism, Marriage & Burial Records from St Mary's/St Cuthbert's Pateley Bridge. 5. Baptism, Marriage & Burial Records St Wilfred's Church, Burnsall. 6. Family trees that people have sent me and ones I have found on the internet. The data is as correct as I can make it, but due to the uncertain nature of early information there may be errors. I have the source citations for about 80% of this data; this might be just a reference to someone else's tree or a link to a major source. Finally You have been invited to view the information contained herein because you have a connection with Greenhow Hill. The general public cannot access this data without the necessary password. This password will be changed at frequent intervals, please contact me if you wish to be informed of the current password - please state your link to Greenhow Hill. If you want to ask any questions, please either email me directly or leave a message in the guestbook.
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